Virtual Items for Virtual Worlds

IconicFuture is a new online marketplace matching right holders of any celebrity content or, as the name tells it, any iconic brands or other content with the developers of virtual worlds like online and social games or mobile applications. The service enables both parts to be represented and to look for partners or may become engaged to search for relevant content or to contact relevant partners.

The idea at all is to enrich such virtual environments with celebrity stuff and to give right holders an opportunity to earn money by licensing their rights. Contemplating this approach it is remarkable as it is vice versa to in game advertising, where brands are paying owners of virtual environments money to be represented. But it makes sense at the same time by thinking about games like FiFa Soccer.

At all it will be interesting to observe how this market with strong brands on one side and huge internet companies like the social gaming provider Zynga, offering in game advertising opportunities including the placement of virtual items on its website itself, will evolve. For more about the new marketplace on virtual items visit IconicFuture.

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