Interactive Video Ads merged with Gamification

blurbIQ is introducing a new video advertising concept by merging the hot trend of interactive video ads with the gamification approach. The service is targeting both publishers and advertisers to either implement or to take use of the technology.

The results are impressive and confirm the figures regarding the popularity and success of interactive video advertising lately introduced within the study by AdoTube. blurbIQ additionally adds gamification features to interactive video, which increases the performance as it is shown within the Benchmarks and Case Studies section of the website. The game mechanics used e.g. are the integration of trivia questions within the video ads, which leads to remarkable lifts in interaction rates, video completion rates and click through rates (s. the lower area at the site on Benchmarks and Case Studies). To get an impression about the look of the video ads themselves have a look at the Interactive Video Ad Gallery and for further information visit the blurbIQ homepage.

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