Personalization of Video Advertising, Data and Formats

The personalization of video advertising has been mentioned within the article New Requirements to Enterprise Video as a trend. Data about personalized video adverts now is made available by AdoTube, a video advertising service provider specialized in the in stream video advertising format with personalization at AdoTube happening by user preferences, targeting and an interactive overlay format. The most remarkable fact cited within the following article and shown within the slideshow below is a strong increase of the interactive overlay format, which do offer the most personalizable elements. Such elements may be general targeting, e.g. by localization combined with special offers and coupons, like it is offered by AdoTube and the further player Mixpo: Overlay Ads Continue To Pull Impressions From Pre-Roll At AdoTube.

Furthermore the most interesting question has to be answered how far the personalization of video in general and video advertising is possible. On the market there are already various formats like targeting using conventional methods like demography, localization or behavioral targeting etc., which may include the creation of particular content delivered to special target groups, contextual video advertising like it is provided by TubeMogul or the personalization by participatory media like it has been introduced by Wonderlandmovies lately. A further option is dynamic content, which is a reality at display advertising by combining templates of particular content with targeting methods. A first example in the range of video and dynamic content is a new web series produced by Warner Bros.. This series connects to Facebook profiles and uses available data to integrate photos or music into videos: New Facebook Web Series to Make Your Profiles A Part of the Show.

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