Google promotes Google+ also with Integration into Online Advertising

The importance of Google+ to the future of the company and especially in the new competition to Facebook is evident. As appropriate the company forces the development of its social network, which just some days ago went from private beta to public. During the test phase of three months daily enrichments happened with number 100 being public. Former enhancements concerned the video chat surface Hangouts and by 99 the enhancement of search functions within the network. Lately some new enrichments followed regarding improved mobile usage.

To external developers now two api interfaces are available, a common Google+ API and one api especially dedicated to Hangouts. These api interface are already used for business applications e.g. in the reach of social media analytics by the personal analytics services PlusClout (s. review) and Klout (Google+ Now Has Klout).

Regarding online marketing, the design of online advertising and the distribution, the announcement of the appearance of the Google+ Button within the ads is something really spectacular. This because the expected effects and because of the integration into Google’s most important product regarding revenues. By this Google enhances its already dominant product with functions elsewhere only available by social media advertising startups. Beside a more personalized experience the advantages to advertisers are a further distribution of the announced and advertised products and to publishers higher click rates are expected: +1: Now making Display ads more relevant.

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