Facebook Marketing Tips

Here are some Facebook marketing tips beyond the various already described ways of optimization of content, which mostly is intended to have a good placement within the social network and to optimize the interaction.

The first one is about seo, which in this case means optimizing a Facebook page and the content to have a good placement within search engines at all. Search Engine Watch writes about some myths and provides further information about relevant seo ranking factors. These factors are most similar to common seo factors and others are just irrelevant, which concerns titles of photos being overwritten by Facebook and mentioning a homepage within a profile with the latter being only relevant to offer the right information but not to search engines.

The most important relevant factors are the title of a Facebook page, the description at the „about“ section and the annotations done to a post. Of most interest is the combination of the name of a site, which may appear as the author, and the annotations to a link. These annotations are considered by search engines by the first 18 letters. In a similar way notes and posts within forums are handled by search engines.

But this knowledge does not necessarily ease search engine marketing regarding the targets of social media marketing and the overall targets of online marketing. At all one have to consider the importance of social media marketing and its performance by meeting the requirements of Facebooks EdgeRank to get a good placement within the network and to optimize click rates.

Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

The second tip is about using photos on Facebook as a marketing tactic. Photos are one of the most popular content on Facebook, which by 140 billion photos has a much larger database as the specialized services Flickr and Picasa. A report cited by All Facebook has found, that posts in combination with photos do lead to much higher click rates and increased favoring of content: REPORT: Photos Are Most Liked Content On Facebook.

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