Web Analytics and Optimization for Publishers

NewsCurve is offering a web analytics and optimization software especially dedicated to publishers. The term publishers here may refer to established media companies or bloggers and online media at all. By this kind of specialization the service is part of a trend lately mentioned in the Internet Marketing Review September.

What really makes the service remarkable is its specialization by not having the common focus on selling products. To distinguish the service from other web or social media analytics services one may point to the ability to monitor the whole performance of a publication and the causes and not the way towards a final event. To analyse the performance the service uses qualitative and quantitative factors. On the qualitative side these are content, topics and authors. By the quantitative parameters like the durance of the presence of a header at a homepage and its placement the optimization regarding frequency of updates as well as usability is possible. This all happens in realtime, which means a current flexibility regarding particular occurrences.

By its specialization and analysis of special parameters NewsCurve for sure is an interesting web analytics solution to publishers, which depending on pageviews is available by different plans and up to 100000 pageviews free. For further information the tour is recommended at the NewsCurve homepage.

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