Manual Facebook Posts vs. Facebook Management Apps

Applum, a company just having released its first social media analytics tool, has surveyed the interesting question on the efficiency of making posts on Facebook manually versus using Facebook management apps. The analysis is based on its first tool, the Edgerank Checker.

The results of the survey have been posted on the Edgerank Checker blog and do evidently show that manual posts are more effective than automated posts, a fact already supposed by social media marketers. The reasons might be that direct posts made to Facebook are more easily to optimize opposed to management tools sending the same message to various social media communities or that Facebook penalizes posts coming in via its api interface. The latter does not really makes sense as Facebook probably wants satisfied customers and as a chart within this article is showing differences for various different tools. This might even be true in the case of optimizing a message to Facebook and neglect the optimization to other services. At all it remains a speculation as the algorithm of the Edgerank is a secret.

Nevertheless the results are important as the chart within the articlealready cited above is showing a difference of up to 95 % depending on the kind of tool being used. The conclusion at the Edgerank Checker blog is clear, it recommends to make Facebook posts manually to have the highest efficiency.

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