Panasonic launches Developer Portal for TV Apps and other Smart TV Trends

Smart TV, also called Hybrid or Social TV, as well as 3D have been the main topics of the IFA in Berlin. And indeed the variety of smart tv and 3d tv sets has been impressive. Other obervations have been some innovations mentioned below and an ongoing improvement of image quality and design at all.

In the context of internet and internet marketing smart tv of course is the most interesting topic, the access to internet content on tv sets. Two years ago and parallel to the development of the social web devices with full internet access or a couple of installed apps have been dominating followed by a broader app offer and firmly integrated proprietary video on demand services or such by partners last year. The device generation of this year often is equipped with an app surface similar to those of smart phones and tablet computers including sharing facilities. Examples are AllShare by Samsung and most interestingly the often approach by Panasonic. Panasonic has introduced an app developer portal for its Viera Connect platform. To developers there is the opportunity to register at the Viera Connect Developer portal and to put their apps on the Viera Connect Market, where owners of Panasonic devices are able to fetch and install these apps on their tv sets. By this open market approach Panasonic brings up a new quality to t-commerce. Furthermore these open environments do mark the entrance of manufacturers into the cloud computing market. Using cloud computing at least is the basis of these services, but presented devices for business and elearning devices never seen before on the IFA may suppose a more deeper involvement.

Now some further highlights, a more comprehensive working out will follow soon. At first there is the world premiere of 3d tv without the need of glasses by Toshiba. The company represented its new technology on a large screen, which means devices of almost all sizes will be available. The presentation had an unobjectionable quality both regarding image and 3d quality. Also other manufacturers are experimenting with 3d without glasses, but have not represented products ready for the market. Another sensation has been the „Virtual Holographic TV“ by TCL, which uses the Holography Technology for television, a technology still in development but with most natural expressions. Last but not least Sharp has introduced an Ultra HD tv set able to show images in 4k and 8k resolution, which by 4 and 8 times the resolution of hd tv is impressive. Following Panasonic, which has introduced an ultra hd device based on plasma technology last year, the tv set by Sharp is the first based on LCD technology. Such devices have an image quality, which is able to represent something like natural 3d just by the resolution. The infrastructure by the way to broadcast and receive images of such resolutions will be available around the year 2020.

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