Study on the Future of Virtual Reality Worlds

The OECD iLibrary has introduced the results of a comprehensive study on the future of virtual reality worlds and describes these environments as promising technologies. This concretely concerns virtual environments with graphical surfaces demarcated to other web 2.0 applications and social networks. Beside the already existing real markets of mmog games, the second largest online game market with a volume of billions of dollars, and virtual reality worlds for the purpose of entertainment the study names prespectives like conferencing, collaboration and elearning. Some interesting and already realized approaches of today are the presence of numerous universities within virtual reality worlds or the use for simulations and training in emergency cases.

Virtual Worlds: Immersive Online Platforms for Collaboration, Creativity and Learning

Additionally an up to date article by All Facebook cites a study by SocialTimes Pro reporting about the intersection of Facebook users and users of virtual reality worlds.

REPORT: Over 27 Million Use Facebook’s Virtual Worlds

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