The Browser Business heats up

The browser business always has been very important and the history shows various changes regarding the most used web browser. Lately and beside other players like Opera and Safari primarily the Firefox browser competed with the IE and then came Chrome. The importance of the business is shown that Google has entered the market. This might have various reasons including to foster the development of new technologies not supported e.g. by the IE and by the Google paradigma of speed. Now the whole game on the internet has changed with Google having a reach of one billion unique users and Facebook becoming the second popular service replacing Microsoft sites.

In this context the entrance of a new player may have to be seen or at least the support of the project by Facebook. It is RockMelt, which may be best described by being a social browser equipped with capabilities to connect to the social networking world. All Facebook is reporting that RockMelt Gets $30M Cash Infusion and on the blog of the browser itself several resources are mentioned reporting that Facebook is partnering with RockMelt. Within the All Facebook article the author even speculates about Facebook buying the browser later on, which will make Facebook a player in the browser business.

Facebook Browser RockMelt Gets $30M Cash Infusion

Article Resources on the RockMelt About Page

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