Social Media Marketing and Social Media Studies

Two up to date social media studies have to be introduced, one concerning marketing and getting fans on Facebook and the other one about the general social impacts of social media technologies.

The study 7 Ways to Fuel Fandom on Facebook has been released by the digital marketing agency 360i. The study is giving insights and names strategies and tactics on winning and maintaining a fanbase on Facebook. Beside a slideshow available by the link above the study may be downloaded here.

The second study comes from PEW Internet and researched the effects of social media usage on the daily life and behavior. Quasi traditionally is the expectation the general internet and now social media use may lead to isolation. Opposed to this e.g. a stronger engagement in social cases has been observed, which may be caused by the availability of a variety of local information. In general the study names a „rich and complex picture“ of social media use and impacts.

Social Networking Sites and our Lives

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