Social Media Profiles for Business Professionals

Virtually transportable social media profiles are already known from general social media aggregators and lifestreaming services. Mostly these services are targeting a common audience. Zerply now is offering a social media profile service dedicated to business professionals.

Zerply is offering a service enabling business professionals to represent themselves by business profiles. The general information included within these profiles are the typical elements bio, experience and education. This information may be individually edited or become imported from the business network LinkedIn. Furthermore any kind of social network or social media source may be linked, which means manifold options for further information and contacting. Contact options are also an important integrated part of the profiles with vCard downloads for instance. To share the profile pages a short url is provided.

Furthermore the service is a comfortable business network itself. Members are able to search for profiles, to tag and endorse themselves and others. Messaging functions as well as features on online collaboration are still in development. For further information read the review by Lifestream Blog and visit the Zerply homepage.

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