Innovative interactive Video Solution enables In Video Tagging

Using the terms taggable video wireWAX describes its new and innovative interactive video solution. At all and beside the innovative in video tagging feature the solution has several for now unseen functions regarding features and integration.

The most interesting and innovative feature is the in video tagging. This term describes the option to mark elements within a video and to connect this marked element with additional information by links. The in video tagging is going beyond this marking already known by interactive video solutions by providing the information about an element through the whole video. So the information is connected to an element and not just available within a part of a video usually determined by time and being static. The possibly linked information is nearly arbitrary. Interesting like the feature itself are the option on integration. The in video tagging feature is not only available by a stand alone solution but may be used on third party video platforms by plugins. Especially named are YouTube, Brightcove and VMix and sharing of video on Facebook. Last but not least the viewing of tagged videos may be restricted by personalization.

Furthermore the functions on connecting information are extraordinary and most flexible. Such information may include geographical information, apps and dynamic apps and may be provided by connected databases. Another extraordinary and not formerly seen function is video in video. Beside the most flexible and comfortable functions to create interactive video the service provides further necessary tools like video analytics. More information is provided by a review of MediaPost Publications and the tabs Features and Case Studies at the wireWAX homepage.

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