Hitwise launches in China

The web analytics and business intelligence service Experian Hitwise has launched a new service to meet the chinese market. The service has been announced communicating some peculiarities of internet use in China.

An interesting fact of the chinese internet market is the strong use of microblogging services, which is far beyond other markets known for strong usage of this special kind of social networking. In accordance to this usage the microblogging market is in a move, which is emphaticly described by the article Micro-blogging War in China also including the names of market participants.

Reason for Hitwise to engage in the chinese market of course is the growing importance caused by the large population and related large amount of internet users and the already existing and growing economical importance of the country. More about the launch is available by the official blog post below.

Experian Hitwise China launch and micro-blogging in China

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