Further Insights into the Comment Business

Last year a report told, that the Disqus comment system reached 200 million users each month. Meanwhile Facebook opened its comment system to be installed on other pages and reported, that its comment system is used on 50000 websites.

This may suggests a change in the business. But despite of the market entry of Facebook in the social comment business, Disqus still reports an ongoing growth. The Disqus system now reaches 500 million users and is installed on 750000 websites, ReadWriteWeb reports. By being installed on 75 % of sites working with a third party comment system, the company is the market leader in this field. Asked about the Facebook competition a Disqus official told, that the company is not affected by the availability of the Facebook system and that it has grown about 20 % since the launch of the Facebook widget. Lately 10 million US Dollars have been invested in the company.

Disqus Raises $10 Million, Doubles in Size Despite Facebook Comments

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