Internet Marketing Review May

The directory update May contains the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, B2B Business and Logistics and Collaboration Software. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Aggregation, synergies, personalization and realtime communication may be defined as trends of the May update on internet marketing. Beside this there are particular services on optimization like beencounter enabling tracking and the optimization of behavioral targeting or ContentAide enabling optimization of content and competitive monitoring on Facebook. Related to optimization this month the topic usability with various a/b testing services to optimize websites is included. Last but not least there is a broad presence of business networking, crowd sourcing and funding services again.

The topic aggregation, which at the same time always means rationalization by enabling the access to various services by just one interface, is present at every segment of online marketing with the exception of the intersection to the tv convergence being still in an early stage of development at least regarding this context. At the current update to be named there are two mobile marketing services, AdIQuity and Nexage RTB Exchange, at social media marketing Adaptly and in the range of the trend topic agile commerce there is Local Response connecting offline customers with social media presences. Last but not least 3taps offers data services and domedia manages an out of home media marketplace.

Personalization is both an already established as well as a new topic. Beside various existing approaches, e.g. personalization by member areas or by cookies used in various cases, the aggregation of data as well as feasible realtime communications are bringing up a new quality. These preconditions and their combination available on the social web are the basis to the services Echo and Loyalize. Additionally Loyalize has participatory media elements enabling two way communications. Further services in the context of aggregation and personalization are CloudSponge with its solution to communicate within the social graph and the agile commerce solution by Local Response.

Update May: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

B2B Business and Logistics

The update on b2b business and logistics includes diverse logistic services and by the universal tracking service Boxoh again an aggregator service with a central access to track shipments managed by different services. Further issues are freight exchanges and transportation and b2b trade.

Innovative concepts observed are realized by courier and parcel services, which do seperate by specialization or fast delivery. A specialized service is SendSocial by focussing on the delivery between members of social networks. The service Shutl realizes the immediate delivery meeting a general demand and the problem of shopping cart abandonment related to preferred offline shopping.

Update May: B2B Business and Logistics

Online Collaboration, Conferencing and Messaging

The realtime aspect meanwhile has become an established standard to online collaboration by available newer messaging technologies known from social networking. The update includes services specialized on particular processes as well as project management solutions. Last but not least email software, instant and unified messaging services are included having aspects of rationalization by filters to manage emails and the aggregation of services.

Update May: Online Collaboration, Conferencing and Messaging

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