Interactive Pre Roll Video Advertising

Innovid, a company already known for its interactive video solutions and how the name suggests an innovative video solution provider, has introduced a new video advertising format. The format is called iRoll, which describes an interactive pre roll video advertising format.

The solution is capable to carry various interactive features. Exemplarily the pre roll video ads may become enriched by sharing facilities, to download coupons or even for shopping. The advantages are obvious by enabling people to immediately interact with an advert to get further information, to register or even to buy a product. Furthermore the platform includes up to date targeting facilities and an analytics suite to measure the success of campaigns. The company is not a video advertising network itself, but a platform in the sense of an intermediary able to enrich and deliver interactive video advertising. By this the reach is mentioned by 2 billion possible impressions.

On the homepage there is a comprehensive introduction to the new interactive pre roll video advertising format including a gallery of examples and below is an introductory video with showcases of various features. For further information read another review by ReelSEO and visit the Innovid homepage.

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