A common Data Exchange

So what is a common data exchange? I used the words to illustrate what 3taps is calling „data commons“. No less emphasizing words are used in an article by ReadWriteWeb calling it democratizing the exchange of data.

The service is collecting data across the internet provided by and available on a broad range of well known services, e.g. social networks and classifieds sites. These data usually have different standards making it difficult to create a meta service of a particular topic. Now 3taps is normalizing these data and creating what it calls data commons. Based on these data commons the 3taps is making the data available to create new applications and services to developers. To get an impression of the data available and the mission of the service access Data and About, for some background information read the article below and visit 3taps.

3taps Wants to Democratize the Exchange of Data

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