Cloud based Semantic Tagging Service

Semantic tagging has been defined as a trend. An example is the rise of Peer39 having started as a semantic advertising solution provider and moved on to be a advertising data provider heavily embraced and used for targeting. The general problem of semantic tagging in the information age is to tag the large amount of data available. This now is solved by AlchemyAPI, a service just launched by Orchestr8. The service is able to process large amounts of data, both text documents as well as web documents and images or photos, and to automatically add a semantic layer.

The service is targeting various markets. By being able to extract prices, product descriptions and names it may be used in business intelligence. Furthermore the service is able to analyze texts regarding their sentiment, which makes it a tool to social media analytics services. All these data become available in a data store and may be used to most different kind of analytics and market research.

Further information about the service is provided by the article below and by presentations at the AlchemyAPI homepage.

Orchestr8 Adding Some Magic To Sentiment Analysis and Managing Semantic Output

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