New Ad Units called Cloud based Advertising

The headline, which is intended to come up a bit like a riddle, does describe a new kind of advertising media. The company describing its ad units as cloud based advertising is Flite and the idea of the ad units arose by a relationship of LinkedIn and Widgetbox, the former name of Flite. Mashable has this story talking about LinkedIn approaching Widgetbox to create ad units for the business network and some background information, which is linked at the bottom.

But lets have a look at the ad units Flite do provide. As you may expect these ad units are similar to widgets, those web application today known as apps. The Flite ad units are in some way microsites able to carry third party content like it happens on websites. This may comprise forms, polls, video and even content from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Furthermore the ad units are sharable having the same appearance e.g. in the case being shared on Facebook. To measure a campaign the service is counting the impressions as well as the amount an ad unit is shared across social networks. To get an impression and for further information visit showcase, platform and solutions at the Flite homepage. For some background information about the LinkedIn and Widgetbox deal and about the funding of Flite as well as some insights into the possible future of online advertising with innovative ad units being a part of it access the Mashable article below describing the story of Flite.

One Startup’s Quest to Reinvent the Banner Ad

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