From Multichannel Marketing to Agile Commerce

The paradigm of multichannel commerce is migrating to the new strategic approach of agile commerce, according to the market research company Forrester Research. Opposed to the already happened technological revolution this is an evolutionary step and logical consequence of the ongoing integration of various systems.

For long in multichannel marketing the idea of serving different screens by different means has dominated. Meanwhile the experience at different screens or channels has changed by the availability of a comfortable infrastructure and performance everywhere, e.g. at the web and at the mobile internet. Furthermore consumers have become more sophisticated and do expect a rich offline experience like it is available in the online world. By this the approach of agile commerce does reach into the entrepreneurial organization. To serve the demand of consumers the following article describes a scenario of employees equipped with tablet computers to be able to have the same level of information like consumers, who at the point of sale may fetch any product information by mobile phones equipped with barcode scanners, and to offer a personalized experience by available customer data. For more about the approach of agile commerce read the article Is Multichannel Commerce Dead?.

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