Internet Marketing Review March

The directory update March contains the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Social Networking and Project Management. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The March update is showing a refreshing heterogenous image and allows to start with another topic than the dominating social media marketing segment. The latter has become an integrated part of the online marketing mix and part of most various applications. It may be seen as part of the marketing mix or treated like a stand alone element. Despite of the growing importance of social media marketing in its still ongoing development at this update technological innovations have to be pronounced.

Technological internet marketing innovations mostly are corresponding with roi optimization or targeting. At first the OpenRTB Project has to be mentioned, an initiative to foster rtb (real time bidding) standards and the trade of online media and inventory across various plattforms. There are two areas, advertising on the web and mobile advertising. These conventions already led to the establishment of services like mexad, a real time bidding service connected to various platforms, or StrikeAd, a mobile advertising dsp platform. An example for the integration of social media and marketing technologies is Sociomantic, a real time social targeting solution.

A strong presence again has business networking including crowd funding services.

Update March: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Social Networking, Local Social Networking and Mobile Social Media

Social networking comprises social media aggregators, local social media and mobile social networking with a general trend to integrate value added functions or specialization. To social media aggregators additional functions are added, which do reach from personal analytics often combined with reward schemes to professional applications like online collaboration, which is a topic at project management below. Opposed to the aggregators local social media services may be seen at the beginning of the product life cycle. These do either differ by topics or by technologies, which are localization and networking, matching or user generated content and tagging. Notably there are local social media services focussing on particular regions and others taking a global approach with local information for all places in the world. This development will be interesting to observe and time will show, if the result will be one or more new hyper services or if the big players like Facebook and Twitter will be able to serve the markets of these specialists. Last but not least there are the hyper local social networks with their information going down to the street level or even down to particular buildings, which come near to home automation.

Update March: Social Networking, Local Social Networking and Mobile Social Media

Project Management and Collaborative Commerce

At project management new applications are listed supporting project work as well as online collaboration. Depending on the approach or need these applications enable to work in closed or open groups. The approach of open groups often is going along with the integration of social media elements for networking again. Furthermore real time communications has become an integrated part of many applications enabling to exchange information or processing of documents and files. A further topic are online organizers and personal task management applications.

Update March: Project Management and Collaborative Commerce

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