Cross Channel Marketing, Controlling and Optimization Suite

Performable is a webbased cross media marketing analytics and marketing optimization suite fulfilling various tasks. In general the service consists of two parts, marketing analytics and a marketing cms to provide optimized and personalized landing pages. The cross media approach includes the web, email and search engine marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

The service provides tools to optimize both campaigns to gain new customers and campaigns to retain existing customers. The essential part to gain the first is realized by analyzing and optimizing the sales funnel and conversions. Regarding customer retention the service is using the term customer lifecycle management, which implies the tracking of the customer behavior including engagement and customer value. Furthermore the suite includes tools to analyze revenues and visits of competitors. Further information about the analytics part is provided here.

The marketing cms part of the service is supporting the goals described above by either optimization of landing pages in general or personalized content and offers provided to customers. For further information visit Performable.

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