A webbased realtime Management Information System

Geckoboard is available to the public after being in beta for a while. The service is a comprehensive online dashboard for data going far beyond typical aggregator services for web data, which has been described as a trend already in the article Mashup Trend at Web Analytics. Geckoboard is to be described by Management Information System, a system that enables to access all kind of company data by a single interface.

This is what Geckoboard clearly communicates on its homepage, being able to integrate all kind of data. By making these data accessible in realtime it even needs to be evaluated as a most comfortable mis system, which is able to give access on mobile devices additionally. The service really is claiming being able to process all kind of company data, which is facilitated by an api. Regarding the market Geckoboard probably will have an impact by its most competitive pricing. To start and try the service a 30 day free trial is provided. To get further information visit Geckoboard.

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