PR Service with Social Media Releases and Tracking

A comprehensive pr suite with a couple of interesting components is provided by PressKing. This service has an innovative approach by integrating the idea of social media releases into the social networks Facebook and Twitter directly.

The service strongly embraces the changed circumstances at the internet and integrates the opportunities of social networking into various components. This begins with the option to send out pr messages to established media as well as to bloggers. In the international environment 200000 contacts are available. Additionally own contacts may be added and administrated. Furthermore messages may become distributed at Facebook and Twitter directly, which may include the option to communicate according to the degree of the choosen account.

By the mentioned functions the service differs from the common idea of a social media newsroom, which usually is located within a service and enables to fetch information and media. This function is located at the social networks by integration with the options to publish pr messages within own accounts or according to the choosen PressKing account additionally within the presences of PressKing at social networks and partner sites. Whereas this needs to be evaluated for own purposes, this is going along with the advantage to track the messages and to measure the distribution by statictic and tracking features provided by the service.

An introduction to all the functions is given by the tag features and in particular at pricing. For further information visit PressKing.

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