Influence Analytics at the Social Web

Social web research or social media analytics, market research about and within social media, already has become a broad topic with various different disciplines. These do include the fundamental social media monitoring, researching social and interest graphs as well as sentiment analytics and become enhanced by innovative approaches like the lately introduced parameters of time and space as parts of social media analytics.

Another broader approach to social web research now has been introduced by the market research company Knowledge Networks. The company introduced SoMe to examine the influence of conversations on buying behavior and brands. The new service is an enhancement to the social campaign tracking solution The Faces of Social Media and enables enterprises to individually analyze the conversations on the social web regarding their impact on the image of a company and its brands. SoMe is based on the social media analytics suite by Collective Intellect, a provider of social media and text analytics solutions.

A more comprehensive review of the application is given in the article below and further information about the product and its launch is available by the press release.

Knowledge Networks Probing Social Networks, Identifies New ‚SoMe‘ Consumer Segment

Knowledge Networks Adds Custom Social Media Analytics to Identify Effects on Societal Issues and Brands

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