Discussion about the H.264 Video Standard

According to a blog post of the Chromium Project, basis for the Google Chrome Browser and Google Chrome OS, the H.264 Standard, beside others used to display hd video, has no further support by the project and by this it will not be supported by the Google Chrome Browser. Instead of H.264 the open source video standards WebM (VP8) and Theora will be used.

HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome

More about the Chrome HTML Video Codec Change

This arises the question about the consequences for video production and use, which is discussed in the following article. If instead of H.264 open source standards are used, video in the future has to be provided in different standards accompanied by increased costs. Alternatively plugins may be provided. To reach the target to offer video to the widest audience possible the reach of browsers has to be discussed. In the case of Google Chrome this means fast and steady growth, but currently a rather low market share of 13,5 %. Most interesting is the further consideration of the article with the browsers Firefox and Opera supporting the H.264 standard not either by both enabling to watch H.264 video by plugins. All the named browsers have a market share of about 45 % together, which is remarkable, and e.g. the social browser Flock now is based on Chromium, too. The result of this consideration is a still open environment, which by the step to support open source standards probably will get a new alignment.

Google Chrome To Drop H.264 – What Does This Mean For Video Publishers?

Google drops H.264 from Chrome browser

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