Internet connected Television becomes hot

The latest CES has had a great coverage on the web by internet connected television being a most hot topic. This, which in expert terms is described by media convergence especially between internet and television, is the most hot upcoming internet trend beside the mobile internet. This is going along with other home entertainment trends like home networking and will strongly influence how media is consumed as well as the creation of media and the development of new media formats. What is to be expected are new interfaces to meet the requirement of big screens and by interactivity new business models will be needed and created. Below is a choice of articles covering the up to date occurences as well as some predictions of the future of business models and interactive advertising.

The first article is defining the media convergence of tv and the internet as a major trend. In the same way it already happened at the IFA fair in autumn last year a broad range of tv and device manufacturers have introduced internet capable devices.

Smart TV evolves at Consumer Electronics Show

Cisco, which is already active in the home networking segment by the product line Linksys by Cisco, has introduced a new project with the ambitions to serve future needs in the home entertainment segment. The project called Videoscape aims to further integrate the various output devices like mobile, computer and tv screens as well as online trends like social networking and sharing by connecting the home entertainment to cloud computing services.

Cisco launches Videoscape vision for television

The challenges to advertisers, producers and publishers are described by by the following article with a brief description of market participants and technologies. Knowing that the delivery of content to the tv screen relies on internet technologies makes clear, that distributing to the tv screen is not to tough to manage it. In the article this is summarized by „… if your Web content meets the H.264 video encoding standard and supports the popular RSS protocol, it is 70% of the way to the TV monitor on most of the new platforms.“. Furthermore already existing platforms like the most popular YouTube do eagerly develop strategies to deliver content to tv sets by particular interfaces like YouTube Leanback. Regarding Google TV and the peculiarities of large screens Google has introduced a web design guide for Google TV.

From Web to TV: What Publishers, Producers and Advertisers Are Facing

An outlook on how advertising and internet connected tv may harmonize and some general trends are the topics of the last two articles.

How can advertisers and programmers leverage social TV?

Twenty television predictions for 2011

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