YouTube introduces Video Analytics by YouTube Trends

The video platform YouTube has launched a new video analytics service going far beyond the already available ranking services YouTube Charts and the ranking of popular videos by categories. The new service YouTube Trends, which is represented by the YouTube Trends blog, is operating in realtime and giving further insights into the usage on and beyond the YouTube video platform by analyzing the viral spreading of videos on the web. The service is really comfortable by predicting upcoming hot videos based on algorithms and experiences and by delivering demographic data including local data, the most viewed videos assorted by age groups and genders.

The service has just launched and will come up with further features in the future. Probably the url will be the home of the new service, which currently is referring to the blog YouTube Trends. At present a dashboard to use YouTube Trends is located at

To get further information visit about the new video analytics service visit About and Welcome to YouTube Trends at the YouTube Trends blog.

Last but not least a review of the popular videos of 2010 has been published, which is called YouTube Rewind.

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