Comprehensive Twitter Research and Marketing Suite is offering a suite Twitter research tools. The online application is provided by PeopleBrowsr, a company involved in the social web since the beginning of the social media movement. According to this experience are the features of, which is something in between of a global social search engine and analytics tool, social media management and marketing application.

The functions are such comprehensive, that various expert publications have reviewed it with enthusiasm but by different points of view. And indeed PeopleBrowsr has put all analytics applications into the new service known as the state of the art of social media analytics. This starts with the social search at all, which searches in realtime and is able to find relevant local information. Then there are sentiment analytics to be aware about moods, search through social graphs as well as interest graphs. Furthermore trends are available, which not only rely on up to date data but on an archive of the last three years. Additionally demographics are provided, a feature that has not been found at any other service like this. The search itself again is most comfortable by enabling to search within results and to adjust a search query and last but not least to share the results. The second part of is dedicated to communications, which may happen within the own social graph or interest graphs. The latter and a further function to create instant communities are making the service an instrument to communicate for informative purposes and for social media marketing.

To become aware of all the features, which are listed at the page to subscribe, probably you have to do a test. To get some further information in advance you may read the following reviews about

Introducing – A Window into Twitter’s Interest Graphs Debuts Real-Time Social Search Platform, Plus 3 Years of Twitter’s Archive

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