Google offers Business Tools on global Expansion of SMEs

Google has launched new services to foster the global expansion and businuss primarily of small and medium sized businesses. Too, the approach itself is most interesting, which aims both to expand the own business and to support the business of companies, a real win win situation with advantages to both sides.

The business suite is available at the site Google Ads for Global Advertisers. The tools included are applications to research relevant markets, to translate websites and adverts and special applications to optimize such ad campaigns. Furthermore information is provided about payment methods available in other countries, about logistics and to organize customer services. So the steps to global expansion are market research at first and preparation of content targeting these markets.

Another particular tool is dedicated to the research of foreign markets again, which is located at the seperate website Google Global Market Finder. This website aka application consists of a combination of a keyword translator and Google Search Trends to research the demand of particular products by search engine statistics. Additionally and by a combination with AdWords tools competition and chances are evaluated.

Further information as well as some success stories of companies are available by the following official blog post.

New tools to grow your business globally

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