Defining and Understanding Influence

Today the term influence is used very often in the context of social media and internet marketing and understood as being able to reach influential people to get the most out of social media marketing campaigns. But by social media marketing being a young component of the marketing mix, the term itself is not clearly defined. Typically one is thinking about people influencing others or being able to spread a message throughout the social web, which might be measured by specific and proprietory parameters of particular services. This already is a change to the former definition of popular broadcast channels or popular persons building images or being paragons in some way and popularity at all. Furthermore this set of terms might be understood differently in the context of social media. This set of terms and the common understanding of influence today has been researched by Vocus, a provider of on demand software for public relations, and Brian Solis, an online pr expert. Below is the study free to download and an introduction posted at the blog of Brian Solis.

Exploring and Defining Influence: A New Study

What Makes an Influencer: a Survey by Vocus and Brian Solis

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