Internet Marketing Review October

The directory update October contains the topics Internet Marketing, Media Innovations and Online Shopping. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Advertising

The current update seems to be a simile to the state to the internet development at all with its broad availability, acceptance and even indispensability. The mass of users has changed the behavior of media consumption resulting in a flow of resources leading to new innovations. Such innovations now happen everywhere, currently caused by the social media boom related to search engines by the integration of realtime features, at online chat by new interfaces exemplarily in the case of Drrop or in the range of media convergence by the creation of tv interfaces like it happens at YouTube.

This too is a trend in internet marketing and online advertising shown by a broad variety of new services, which do arise by an own dynamic or by the need to reach the audience of innovative services. Examples are BuySight by offering realtime data on shopping intent, the TeleNav Ad Platform by offering advertising within navigation devices, emediate by offering a multi platform advertising solution or Stipple and Thinglink both offering solutions to add additional information to images and photos.

Without contradiction to the above the social media marketing segment is still presented strongly with social commerce solutions like or the lately launched social media advertising network SVnetwork by SocialVibe. Social media analytics services like Clickst and Meteor now go to analyse deeper by following the social graphs aiming to improve targeting and to optimize social media campaigns. An analogous variety is shown in the range of business networking and crowd sourcing services with new approaches like the integration of recommendation engines in the case of Sumazi.

Update October: Internet Marketing and Advertising

Media Innovations, Internet and Hybrid TV

The update about media innovations is strongly related to new devices introduced at the IFA Fair. As expected 3D Television and Hybrid TV have been major topics. Indeed all manufacturers presented devices with such features leading to an already or near future availability of the internet on another channel. Stats available for the german market expect a market share of 36 % at the end of 2010, which is related to a demand of 46 % by the population at all.

The manufacturers are innovative at all with image quality remaining a never ending issue. The most innovative device seems to be a tv set by panasonic, which is able to handle the Ultra HD Format (2K, 4K), which in the case of 2K doubles the Full HD resolution. In the range of camcorders Panasonic introduced the first 3D camcorder in the consumer segment.

Interesting again will be the further development of EPG’s, the electronic program guides. Opposed to the introduction of proprietary video on demand channels by manufacturers of internet enabled tv sets a new kind of online guide has been introduced by Live Matrix lately. The service lists and makes accessible live online events and goes beyond internet tv and streaming media by listing typical online events like chats and others (s.a. Guide on Online Live Events).

Update October: Media Innovations, Internet and Hybrid TV

Online Shopping

Rather less sensational and a bit disappointing regarding the beginning shopping season are new online shopping services. Whereas there is a broad array, these are not very innovative. There are vertical shops, coupon services and penny auctions, but even no innovation at price comparison services. A trend seems to be mass customization and made to order services like Garmz, fashion4home and Strongly represented again is social media by social shopping services.

Update October: Online Shopping

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