Some useful Twitter Marketing and Research Tools

Might it be because of becoming summer or because of the worldcup, that it has become a bit quite about marketing innovations and trends. A good opportunity to write an article about some outstanding Twitter tools for marketing and research.

At first there is Endorse. The service has just launched and is designed to meet experts for various purposes either to get a job done or to be well informed. It is a recommendation marketing application for experts., too, is about experts. But instead of recommendations the service uses a calculation scheme to find people with influence and a well reputation.

The following tools are recommended by the Social Media Examiner in regard to follow events.

BlastFollow realizes to follow all people using a particular hashtag. This might be most useful in the case of an event or for research in general. But by using it for the latter be careful, the service immediately starts to follow others after submitting a hashtag and entering the account information. If a keyword is popular, one easily follows some hundred people.

Twapper Keeper is an archiving service, which either works using hashtags, keywords and may be used to create a archive related to a user name. The archives are public, which makes them searchable to others.

To find further marketing and research related Twitter tools, visit the FOLDEN.INFO Directory with Twitter marketing tools located at Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing and Twitter research tools located at Social Web Research.

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