Targeted Internet Radio and Audio Advertising

Internet radio is popular and a hot media convergence trend. Opposed to common internet advertising means up to now internet radio advertising spots have been handled like common radio spots. This starts to change. After the reported introduction of the TargetSpot Tracking System now Adswizz, a provider of adserver solutions targeting both advertisers and ad networks, has introduced a system to deliver targeted audio and internet radio advertising.

To do this the system puts the ad spot into an already streaming radio cast instead of including the ad spot at the source. Furthermore Adswizz combines various media, audio and for instance video, which enables either to add an audio spot into a broadcast stream or to deliver a related text or video ad onto a player surface or the like. Targeting happens by geo and demografic data and works within webbased audio players, wlan radio and even on the mobile internet. To get further information visit the Adswizz homepage.

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