The Realtime Internet Advertising Market

Realtime advertising exchanges are well known at this place by being specialized in internet marketing innovations and trends. Opposite to this the adaption of new technologies depending on the different company strategies usually needs some time. This is the basic finding of the first of the following article citing some research. The second article is going deeper into the functionality and opportunities of realtime internet advertising exchanges by giving some insights and distinguishing the approaches of Spot Markets and Futures Markets.

Forrester has found inefficiency in the online media buying process. This and the need for an intermediary platform to sell remnant or so called secondary inventory have been part of the motivation to establish internet advertising exchanges with facilities like realtime media bidding. The adaption of such platforms and the use of their media optimization tools like dynamic pricing is still in an early phase, which is described as experimental for 2010 and expected to become mainstream in 2011. Today media agencies are still relying on relationships in the media buying process despite of the rationalization potentials of realtime advertising exchanges regarding the management of campaign data, which is 92 % in a given example.

Real-Time Will Redefine Media-Buying Efficiency

The article below discusses the different approaches of realtime advertising exchanges in an interview with the ceo of the realtime bidding platform AdBidCentral. The business models of particular exchanges are reflecting the different needs regarding the intention of campaigns. There is the Futures Markets business model with broader opportunities like branding and there is the Spot Markets model serving direct marketing and lead generation. The interview discusses these different approaches and introduces the opportunities at AdBidCentral.

AdBidCentral’s CEO, Vivek Veeraraghavan Talks Openly

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