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The launch of the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer, has been a dominating topic last week. There have been big expectations and after the launch there have been mixed reactions. Now a couple of services have been introduced, which exploit the platform for internet advertising.

This approach sounds a bit strange and explains what people meant by talking about a big iPhone. At this place a tablet computer is primarily seen as an supplement to other devices and by its size as an ideal device format to control home networking. An article by informitv is considering this kind of use. Opposite to this there seems to be the view of an independent class of devices. The advertising industry is sharing this idea by a couple of mobile advertising firms introducing specific advertising formats for the iPad. That is a bit strange thinking about people having an ad board at their home. If a tablet computer will obtain the status of an independent device between computers, notebooks and mobile phones needs to be proven in the future. Below the mentioned advertising formats are introduced.

Apple itself is thinking about advertising on the iPad in form of apps, which ideed have the same development process like apps for the iPhone. According to an article by Adotas about 140000 application have been available for the iPad at the Apple App Store at the launch already. These apps are developed by using the new iPhone SDK, which is optimized for the iPad.

Too Adotas reports about two mobile advertising networks providing particular formats for the iPad, which is most closely linked to the idea of a big iPhone. These networks are Jumptap, reviewed at the article For Jumptap’s iPad Solution, (Screen) Size Matters, and mojiva, readable at Industry Roundup: Mojiva’s Got an iPad Network. And at least one further network, the YOC Group, is supporting ads for the iPad, which has been communicated by the german spoken press release

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  1. This IPad thing is really looking superb… so many specifications and so forth… but this time I browse through this, I quickly don’t like it in any respect. I’m a very pleased owner of an iTouch (2nd Generation) and there’s no doubt that this thing has improved considerably in comparison with the 1st generation. And for that reason it will always be elevated, but don’t forget that … Do not ever get yourself a product from Apple in the event it’s only one year available, they’ll bolster it nevertheless they often change step by step to acheive increase sales and profits using their company goods… Very smart people 🙂

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