Social Media Trends and Enterprise Usage

The blog Digital Influence Mapping Project has published an article about the organization of social media activities within enterprises. Three different organizational models are described, which all got advantages for the particular purposes or organizations. The three models are Distributed (unorganized, organic), Centralized (hierarchic, top down) and Coordinated (organized by competence).

Centralized Control of Social vs. Spreading Social Throughout the Organization

Brian Solis wrote an article about avoiding to engage in social media to keep control of communications. This idea of keeping control is just an illusion, because information published by a company today will find its way to the social web by intermediaries anyway. By this the recommendation is to get involved instead of remain abstinence.

The Myth of Control in New Media

The Nielsen Wire has published new data about social media usage at all. The research has found an increase of 82 % in time spend on social networks.

Led by Facebook, Twitter, Global Time Spent on Social Media Sites up 82% Year over Year

Last but not least the post by the Digital Influence Mapping Project refers to an article at the Web Strategy Blog listing Social Media Trends 2010. This article contains a slide show, which is embedded below.

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