Webcam Streaming will be Part of HTML

The W3C will develop a html specification for webcams, which probably (probably because the specification is still in development and by this the features are, too) will enable things like to stream onto a website without the need of additional software. Furthermore this probably will not be limited to webcams or vice versa by an interface streaming will be possible by using other cam device, too. This initiative again demonstrates the importance of live streaming services, which become mainstream now.

Such a feature is nothing less than revolutionary in a similar way as live and personal broadcasting itself. With such a standard everyone might be able to go live on any prepared website immediately. Imagine the following scenario: A user generated news portal specialized in video news brings unmoderated news on pages of the participants and moderated news onto its homepage. The result is a site with live streams of current breaking news from around the world.

HTML groups tackle Webcam support

Live Streaming goes Mainstream

Directory Sources: Internet Organization, StandardsLive Streaming

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