Virtual Goods are a Billion Dollar Market

The market of virtual goods at virtual reality worlds has a huge potential. This is shown by a study, which has examined the asian virtual reality market and its trade of virtual goods. Alone the three communities Cyworld (Korea, 22 million registered users), Mobile Game Town (Japan, 12,6 million registered users) and Gree (Japan, 8 million registered users) had revenues of 510 million dollars last year. By the way, similar numbers are known for 3d games.

Virtual goods at the named communities are avatars, background graphics and games. The study mentions, that these communities are 2d worlds and not 3d worlds. Although the opportunities in 3d worlds are even better by a broader choice of goods like furniture at own rooms, 3d worlds does not performs as good as 2d worlds. Reasons for the failure of 3d worlds to monetize today are the complexity of applications with the need of software installations. By the latter people are bound to just one computer to access a world and may not access it by other devices or from elsewhere.

Three Japanese, Korean Virtual Worlds Generated Over $510M In Virtual Goods Revenue For 2008

The study has been released by plus8star and is a result of the EU China Information Society Project. The study is available for download here.

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