Report on the Business Use of Social Media in Marketing

A whitepaper on the use of social media for business and marketing has been released by the author Michael A. Stelzner. The study, which had about 900 participating marketers, informs about practices and used methods as well as about existing questions in social media marketing. Furthermore the report informs about expenditure of time, benefits, business results and successes.

Social Media Marketing Industry Report

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  2. Companies usually want to monitor the progress of their advertising campaigns, which requires a lot of tedious data collecting and sorting. For traditional marketing campaigns, this can be a time-consuming process, and sometimes inaccurate. With internet marketing, advertising campaigns can be traced, measured, and tested quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks of the mouse. Data collection for internet ads is also highly accurate, as companies can even measure the exact number of times an ad has been clicked. Furthermore, data can be easily transferred to spreadsheets for further analysis and storage for future use.

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