SEO Keyword and Link Research

Two search engine optimization tools are introduced at this post. Both belong into the range of basic seo research, but do have advanced functions for keyword research and the analysis of off page factors like linking.

suck / rocks is a keyword tool to research moods associated with a particular search term. If one enters a search term, a rating about this term will be shown. This rating indicates a positive or negative mood associated with the term. A higher rating indicates a better sentiment. A positive rating may influence click rates. The tool is suitable to fine tune the keywords used at pages.

Majestic SEO has build the largest index of backlinks and anchor texts. The service works like a search engine and has indexed 65 billion websites and analysed 417 billion links. By putting a domain name into the search form the service will output various relevant data about the website, which might be used to optimize own websites or for competitive analysis. There is a free demo version available and members may get a free report about own websites. The competitive analysis of third party websites is available for a fee.

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