Study about Microblogging Usage

A new study has been released by Pew Internet, a non profit research project about the internet and its effect on the every day life in the US: The study is about the usage of microblogging and other related social networking services, which are usable to deliver update information about someones activities.

According to the study 11 % of the US online population is using Twitter and similar services to inform about their activities. Most interesting is that not youngster are the largest demographic group. With 20 % people in the age from 25 to 34 are the largest group followed by people from 18 to 24 with 19 %.

Generally all age groups are heavy users of social networking sites and the mobile internet. Opposite to this there are no special peculiarities of the technological equipment. Different is the flow of information. By the largest group of people in the age from 25 to 34 this indicates business use and the need for fast information.

Twitter and status updating

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