Dell is using Twitter as a Sales Channel

Dell is a company, that is eagerly using social media tools. Already the early launch of IdeaStorm has been an ingenious step. At this platform customers and users are able to suggest new features and product improvements, which might be mentioned as a role model of todays social support services.

Since some time Dell announces special deals at a particular Twitter account. These generated over 1 million dollars within the holiday season. Because of this success Dell is now offering exclusive deals promoted to its followers just within this Twitter channel as reported by TechCrunch, which is called @DellOutlet. Giving this a flat view, it makes sense by being an ideal constellation. The targeting may become mentioned as perfect with 100 % and the marketing costs are approximating zero.

Last but not least, Dell is a heavy Twitter user as shown by the Dell on Twitter page. An overview of all social media activities by Dell is shown at the bottom at the right at About Dell.

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