Study on Online Video Usage by Enterprises

Most interesting and important results are shown by a survey executed by the video solution provider PermissionTV. The aims of the study have been to examine the adoption of online video by enterprises and to research needed support services. Participants of the survey have been companies, agencies and publishers.

The results do show that online video is regarded as the most important element of the marketing mix in 2009 by two thirds of enterprises planning further activities. A remarkable fact is that enterprises are very well informed about the possibilities of online video as about 60 % do evaluate interactive video features as an essential element of future activities. Furthermore podcasts and webcasting are mentioned just behind social media and search engine marketing as the most important elements of the marketing mix.

The most important use of online video will be branding at video destinations, which is followed by viral marketing campaigns. But in accordance to the knowledge about interactive video this is followed by 38 % mentioning interactive video and about 30 % mentioning user generated video. Too, the study has shown, that internet marketing is expected to suffer least by cuts of the marketing budget.

The following links do refer to a press release and a presentation of the study with further detailed results.

Press Release
Industry Survey Forecasts Adoption of Interactive Video in 2009

PermissionTV – Online Video Survey Results

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