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Twitter by 1000 % growth rate has been the fastest growing social network over the last year. By this attractivity and the reach with about 6 million users other professional usage beside communications might be questioned. Communications at microblogging services in general is related to fast internal and external information, procurement and providing of information or even support. The most actively used Twitter API has brought up applications for various purposes. In the following a couple of new applications becomes introduced as well as relevant sources.

To use social media professionally social networking aggregators are essential tools, These do allow to administrate various accounts, to follow nearly everything and to make posts in a convenient way from within these applications. Splitweet is a new client to administrate various Twitter accounts, which is suitable to be used on an enterprise level. Another aggregator software with a strong focus on microblogging and lifestreaming is Twhirl. Further aggregators may be found at the directory by social networking.

A service specialized in Twitter apps is twtapps. There a couple of Twitter apps have become developed for market research, commerce and fun. With twtpoll twtapps has introduced another tool for polls on Twitter beside StrawPoll. Further applications by this service are listed at the twtapps homepage.

New services for monitoring and measuring of user activity are Twilert and Twitstat. Twilert is a brand and keyword monitoring service, which informs by email. Twitstat is a popularity index measuring user activity.

An interesting application that especially becomes developed for entrepreneurial usage is CoTweet, which is in private beta actually. One may subscribe by email for further information or follow CoTweet on Twitter for up to date information about the service..

Further applications for Twitter related research are available at social web research.

An interesting question is the relationship of search engine optimization and social media usage. This question is discussed by the article Twitter’s Little Known SEO Value. Twitter (as mostly all social media services) is putting the nofollow tag onto links. By this tag links do not become part of ranking calculations. This is due to the three biggest search engines (Google, MSN / Live, Yahoo). But this might be different at other search engines. Ask for example, the fourth largest search engine, does not interprete the nofollow tag. Beside this according to the article there is a mix of other factors like visits and time spent on a site.

Further resources with frequent news about Twitter are Everything Twitter and Twitter Tips. The directory sources mentioned within the text are social networking and social web research, microblogging and lifestreaming.

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