New Insights to Interactive TV with Widgets

An article of the expert information source InformITV gives further insights into the use of widgets for interactive tv features as recently reported. According to the article there are a couple of well known tv device manufacturers participating in this activity. Beside Samsung, as mentioned, these are Sony, LG Electronics and Vizio.

Furthermore the article by InformITV gives some insights into the wishes of consumers. The consumers are most eager to receive and view various kind of video at the tv screen, on demand and from video sharing sites.

It really wonders why such strong market participants do offer a product integrating just half of the internet instead of all. Repair services might be a reason. Who could clarify the responsibility, if the hardware crashes possibly reasoned by a security problem. Also there is no problem to connect a computer to a tv set as well as newer computers are equipped with a hdmi interface. By using an up to date compact computer or connecting a notebook all internet functions become easily avaiable on a tv. TV sets of the next generation probably and hopefully will be equipped with a thin client solution, which enables an independent and comfortable connection to the internet.

A remaining question is, how Yahoo will manage this outstanding position and if its widget service will remain free.

Article by InformITV
Internet connected televisions now with added widgets

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