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European Music Navigator Portal

Mi2N Music Industry News Portal

AIM, Association of Independant Music

CISAC, International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers

Digital Rights Agency Independant Label Initiative

EMPA, European Motion Picture Producers Association

ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board

IAMIC, International Association of Music Information Centres

IFPI, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

IODA, Independent Online Distribution Alliance

ITVA, Integrated TV and Video Association

Administration of Music Rights, US

Webcaster Alliance Streaming Media

AFTRA, American Association of Television and Radio Artists

ASCAP, American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers

BMI, Broadcast Music Inc. US American Rights Society

BPI, British Phonographic Industry

CMMV, Clearing on Rights of Multimedia Content (Germany)

GEMA (Music, Germany)

MPA (MPAA), Motion Picture Association (of America)

NMPA, National Music Publishers Association

Pact UK Trade Association of Independants

SACEM French Rights Society

SESAC US American Rights Society

SGAE Spanish Association of Authors

SIAE Italian Association of Authors

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